Do you have a small creative business selling your handmade products online?

You love creating your art and you know it’s something special.

But why aren’t you making any sales?

You feel like you’ve been backed into a corner.

You feel frustrated and demotivated.

You’re overwhelmed because you have no direction on what to do to start making money in your business.

You feel like you’ve tried everything but you’re not seeing the results.

But you have a dream…

To one day build your business up to where it can support you and maybe even your family. One day your business will make you an extra $1,000 a month or more. One day you might even be able to quit your day job.

Hundreds of other small, creative business owners like you have gone through this path and made it happen for themselves. They’re artists, designers, makers and crafters, just like you. They make full time incomes with their own businesses that they once started on Etsy or at craft fairs.

You can have this life too.

You can carve your own path and start living your life for you, not for some faceless corporation.

You can start making a difference and build that business of your dreams.

I’m here to tell you that this is all possible for you.

And I’m here to help.

How you can keep up

The old ways of doing marketing for small businesses are no longer relevant. They don’t work anymore.

Why? Because everyone else is doing the exact same thing as you.

Your potential customers are changing and becoming less and less responsive to old marketing techniques.

  • Five to ten years ago, some marketing expert told you that you need to set up a Facebook business page and post photos of your products on there.
  • Someone said to go on Instagram or set up an Etsy shop.

I hate to break it to you, but everyone got the same advice and are doing exactly the same things you are.

That means you’re not standing out from the crowd and you’re not giving people a reason to visit your shop or buy what you have for sale.

The competition is brutal now and you need to figure out a way to get your shop seen.

The good news is, there’s a new way to do marketing for small, creative business.

The New Right

The New Right is all about the strategy to marketing and promoting your shop in a way that is most effective for you.

You can’t catch a sunset if you’re running east.

The New Right is more important now than ever.

I’ve made a course just for you called Handmade Marketing That Works where you’ll be armed with The New Right marketing strategies that will bring traffic to your site and money (from sales) to your Paypal account.

Handmade Marketing That Works is a self-study video course on the major marketing strategies and the specific step-by-step formulas on exactly how to promote your business.

What You'll Get

There are 25 training videos and over 3 hours of intense how-to's, step-by-steps and strategies. We go in-depth in the following areas of marketing your shop and making sales:

Selling at craft shows

How to make the most of every craft show, how to find the good ones, what to bring, how to create your booth + display and more.

Social media

Make Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter work for you instead of the other way around. Find out when and what to post and learn how to drive traffic and sales with social media!

Getting publicity & PR

How to pitch like a pro to popular blogs, influencers, magazines and more. Get seen by thousands of potential new customers.

Email marketing

Leverage email marketing to promote your shop. Grow your email list quickly and use the power of autoresponders to generate sales while you sleep!

Selling wholesale

Get the step-by-step formulas for how to launch your wholesale line, how to find stores and double your revenue.

Promotions & giveaways

How to set up effective promotions and giveaways the right way and encourage word of mouth to spread like wildfire.

Handmade Marketing That Works Sneak Peek

When you’ve finished this course…

At the end of this course, you’ll not only be equipped with The New Right marketing that works, you’ll also have a clear, focused and concrete plan for what to do in the coming months and years.

This is the strategic plan that will guide you and everything you do in your business so that you are taking steps towards your dream business.

You’ll have the confidence, clarity and direction to start your business or take it to new heights.

You’ll have mastered ways to promote your shop that will last because they focus on heart and service based marketing that center around your customers.

  • No more wasting time figuring this stuff out on your own.
  • No more frustrations, no more sleepless nights tossing and turning.
  • No more wondering where your life is going.
  • No more worrying about money.

Handmade Marketing That Works is for you if...

  • You’re ready to drop old marketing advice for The New Right marketing strategies that WORK
  • You’re ready to start or grow your current business
  • You’re ready to reach your financial goals
  • You’re willing and open to commit to new ideas around marketing that will lead you to success
  • You’re seeking guidance, direction and specific how-to knowledge to market and promote your business
  • You’re ready to put in the focused and consistent work towards your goals and dreams
  • You’re ready to live your life with purpose

This course is more than just marketing.

It’s about making a difference and taking control over your life + business.

What others are saying:

I felt nervous and frustrated in my business. I was not making any sales or getting much engagement on any social network. After this class I am know how to put in  hours of work without wasting my time. You gave me the tools and strategy to use my time wisely on things that matter.  I learned a lot of new techniques about Facebook marketing.  I am already seeing a few positive results that has left me very optimistic and happy! The biggest thing I learnt was how to pitch my products!  I already see a few mistakes I made in the past and am excited to start pitching again.  Looking forward to success!

– Jonua Besnard

Since starting your course I have seen an increase of likes and engagement on my Facebook page. I am looking forward to figuring out what works and what doesn’t as these next six month progress.

I feel empowered with the tools you’ve shown me to focus on one social media platform at a time. It’s freeing to know that my influence would grow slowly but surely with the methods you taught.

– Toni Conn, Little House of Crafting

Handmade Marketing That Works is easy to understand and it’s simple to start putting the strategies into action.

Chapter 2 “Selling at Craftshows”  is my favorite.  It lists some ideas I’ve overlooked about booth display, layout, pricing and craft show etiquette but it makes so much sense now that you’ve reasoned it out.

I will definitely need to refer to this course repeatedly while trying to establish myself as a handmade artist.  I now have many strategies to implement, but at least now I have a much clearer picture on how the biz works. Thanks Mei!

– Pauline Chin 

I have just finished watching all the videos in this course, and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for putting together such a great resource. I recently picked up “Designed to Sell” and found that it was more success story and it didn’t get down to the nitty gritty the way you did.  You are an inspiration and I hope to be able to use what you have taught me to build up my own business.

– Reese


Who Am I?

I’m Mei Pak and I run my own handmade jewelry business at Tiny Hands. When I first started out, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

So I began to build a plan around my vision for my business.

I invested in myself to learn about marketing and spent thousands of hours into testing out different strategies and have found the ones that work over and over again for not just my business but for others as well.

I built my business to multiple six figures and now I want to help you achieve your financial goals – be it your first $1000, $10k or more.

I know you can do it.

Get Course Access Now

$149 one-time fee + forever access!

This course is not for you if…

  • You have trouble committing to hard work
  • You’re not emotionally ready to invest in yourself and your business
  • You can’t set time aside every week to market your business
  • You’re not open and willing to learn new things
  • You’re hoping for overnight success
  • You don’t have a business idea or product to sell

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start?

This course is a self-paced, self-study course. You have instant access the moment you sign up!

How much time should I invest in the course?

The video training runs for a little over 3 hours, spread out in 25 separate videos.

When you’ve completed the course, the time you spend marketing your business is up to you.

The more time you can invest, the further and faster you’ll reach your goals.

Is this a one time fee?

Yes! You pay for the course only once and you will always have access to it. Watch and re-watch the video training. This will be your marketing handbook!

How is this course different?

Many ebooks, courses and 1:1 coaching out there tell you what you should be doing to promote your business.

What they don’t tell you is how to promote your business the right way.

Handmade Marketing That Works is based on proven, strategic step-by-step how-to’s that will grow your business if you follow the training and do the work.

What kind of support do I get?

I want to help as many people as possible so I’ve kept the pricing of this course accessible so anyone can join. You will not be receiving personalized or custom feedback, but you are welcome to join the private Facebook group if you need additional support for no extra cost.

What do I need to take this course?

You should have a speedy internet connection to view the course’s video training.

You should also have already started your business or have a good idea of how you will begin.

This is not a basic “how to start your business” course. Handmade Marketing That Works will benefit creative business owners who already have a website or shop online and some products to sell.

You will also need to be open, willing and ready to commit to new marketing strategies taught in this class.

Is this a good fit for me?

Yes, this course will be super helpful for you if:

  • You’re ready to drop old marketing advice for The New Right marketing strategies that WORK
  • You’re ready to start or grow your current business
  • You’re ready to reach your financial goals
  • You’re willing and open to commit to new ideas around marketing that will lead you to success
  • You’re seeking guidance, direction and specific how-to knowledge to market and promote your business
  • You’re ready to put in the focused and consistent work towards your goals and dreams
  • You’re ready to live your life with purpose

Is my business too small for this?

No business is too small to start the marketing process. Many of these strategies taught in this course require little to no marketing budget.

I have a question?

For any questions, email me at

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